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Now taking preorders for delivery on Thursday 17th September from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

-Half hour delivery slots available on a first come first serve basis. -Prices include delivery - we are steadily increasing our delivery range so check the map to see if we can deliver to you. -Please order prior to 5pm on Wednesday 16th September to make sure you don't miss out! -Our menu is constantly changing so keep an eye out for any new additions or changes.

This week, due to its popularity at the market, we're bringing back the classic white pizza, Salsiccia e Friarielli with a Vegetarian option of Portobellini Mushrooms in place of the Sausage. Spianata is a variation of our Pepperoni, but with a wicked Calabrian Salami in place of the Pepperoni. Another Naughty One to finish things off, but this time it's all things Oreo!

To place an order, please contact us via, Facebook, Instagram or by emailing with your preferred delivery time and address.

Many thanks!

The Pizza Pilot


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